Message from General Secretary

It is my great honour and  privilege to take the  responsibility of “General Secretary” of the Association of Physiologists & Pharmacologists of India (APPI). I am thankful to all the members of APPI for showing confidence in me & elected me as General Secretary unanimously. The Society was founded on the 6th January, 1955 during a meeting at Baroda and proposed to form an Association to be named “The Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India”. The proposed mission for the APPI was to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas between physiologists & Pharmacologists to promote the advancement of physiology, pharmacology and allied sciences across India. Over the last 65 years, the Society has grown- up to be one of the premier scientific association for presentation and dissemination of novel ideas in the field of physiology, pharmacology and allied sciences across India.

Study of physiology as a subject in its own right may be stretched to create a link between physiology, molecular biology, genetics, and systems biology. This may primarily be attained through creative undergraduate and postgraduate courses that medical students may also optionally attend. It is important that all physiology & Pharmacology courses have sufficient breadth to prepare students for research, but also equip them with useful transferrable skills to take to other walks of life. There is a need to highlight the importance of understanding basic and integrative physiology in the foundation of clinical practice. I feel that there is a need to increase the scope of the APPI to be paralleled with experienced leadership to continue to emphasize quality in all types of research, Academic & Health care to maintain the balanced between the clinical and basic sciences. APPI should come forward to mentor younger Physiologists & Pharmacologists in helping them reach their academic & Clinical potential to ensure the durability of Clinical and experimental skills.  I am extremely lucky and overjoyed to be surrounded by an excellent & dynamic Physiologists & Pharmacologists, which will provide the drivable leadership to ensure that each of these goals are met and maintained. APPI is looking forward to establish a commission for Certification & Registration of Clinical Physiologists to participate in patient care as clinical Physiologist. The sole purpose is to improve the career opportunities of physiologists. Let us make an effort for an integrated approach to translate Academic & Research into community health.


“It’s been a very difficult time since 6-7 months for the whole world including India, with millions of people experiencing ongoing challenge of the COVID-19 health emergency. On behalf of APPI, I would like to express a sincere message of solidarity to all healthcare workers and scientists during this trying time. Many of Physiologists & Pharmacologists must be working on the front line to provide essential, diagnostic & Research based services, for which we should feel extremely proud. I look forwards to a day when this crisis comes to an end”.

Dr A.K. Pandey

File is in a forwarded email from general secy

I am thankful to all the members of APPI for showing confidence in me and giving the responsibility of “General Secretary”, second time, for the years 2017 to 2020. It is a great honour to me in person, being nominated and elected unanimously.

In a time when medical education is passing through reforms and more emphasis is being given on important role of basic sciences, we must take this responsibility as an opportunity and challenge to do those things which can bring the desired change.

Today, in this new millennium and one century after the Flexner report, the critical and fundamental role of the basic science disciplines in medical education has re-emerged, a paradigm shift is now required: From students receiving intensive instruction of in-depth scientific facts derived from these sciences, to student acquisition of scientific competencies required for the development of the desired habits of mind, behaviour and action for medical practice in the 21st century.

Historically, physiology and pharmacology have been closely allied. It was through the discovery of whole organism physiology that the effects and mechanisms of drugs were studied and is also applicable in modern research. Molecular, cellular or whole organism physiology expands our knowledge of how biological systems function normally and what changes occur during disease. Modern pharmacology is integral to and expands on this effort as known drugs are used as tools to help delineate functionality at the cellular and molecular level and the physiological knowledge is used to target new drug development.

Let us strive for an integrated approach to enhance the medical education and research.

Long Live our Association

Dr Ramji Singh