The Association shall consist of:

(a) Honorary members (b) Life members (c) Ordinary (Annual) members
The acceptance to membership shall deem to imply an agreement binding on the member to all the rules and regulation of the Association.
Honorary members
Persons of distinction in science in India and in other countries who have contributed to the advancement of physiology, pharmacology and allied sciences are eligible for election as honorary members on nomination by the Executive Committee of the Association.
Life Members / Annual Members
Any person desirous of being enrolled as a Life / Annual Member of the Association shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the Association. The list of members proposed for election shall be placed before the Executive Committee as its next meeting which will formally elect the proposed members. The final list of members elected during the year shall be placed before the Annual General Assembly of the Association for approval.
Subscription for life membership will be Rs. 3000/- which can also be paid in two instalments of Rs. 1500/- each in two years along with Rs. 10/= as admission fee. The subscription for Annual Membership is Rs. 500/- in addition to an admission fee of Rs. 10/=. However, the fees for the new Life / Annual Members might change from time to time as determined by the Executive Committee and General Body of the Association. All subscriptions must be paid in the form of Demand Draft / Money Order only favouring the Finance Secretary, APPI. The subscription is payable in advance and becomes due on the 1 st January every year for Annual Members. In the case of an elected member, the first payment must be made for the year when he is elected. A candidate on his election shall not be admitted to the privileges’ of membership of the Association until his subscription for the year has been paid in full. Any member, whose subscription is in arrears, shall cease to be the member of the Association. The finance Secretary shall send the third reminder/ journal by V.P.P. to the member whose subscription for the year does not reach by 31st March of the said year and after intimating the member earlier by two written reminders. The name of the defaulter member will be removed from the membership of the Association.
Disqualification of a member
Any member whose acts are found to be prejudicial to the interest of the Society shall be disqualified by the General Body, on recommendations of the Executive Committee. If three fourths of the attending members vote in favour of such disqualification; he shall cease to be a member and shall not be entitled to any refund of the subscription. The member whose expulsion is being proposed will be duly informed and will be given an opportunity of being heard at the meeting or being represented there at by another member nominated by him in writing who will speak on his behalf. A vote on the committee’ motion of expulsion shall be taken by ballot in which members unable to attend the meeting may record their votes in writing.