GBM Minutes

Minutes of meeting APPI General BODY MEETING ON 23-10-2016 AT AIIMS, PATNA, DURING APPICON 2016

The General Body Meeting started at 5:30 pm on 23rd October 2016 at AIIMS Patna.
1. Selection of Chair

Dr. Ramji Singh proposed name of Dr. KP Puthuraya to chair the meeting of GBM and seconded by Dr. T Velpandian. Dr K.P Puthuraya elected unanimously to preside the GBM.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. KP Puthuraya. Other members present on the dais were Gp Capt (Dr.) DK Dubey (Gen Sec APPI), Dr. HN Mallick (Finance Secretary, APPI), Dr. S Sircar (Editor, Physiology), Dr. T. Velpandian (Editor, Pharmacology) and Dr Ramji Singh (Organizing secretary APPICON 2016)

Following agenda were discussed during the meeting.
2. Approval of last year GBM (2015)

Governing body approved minutes of last year (2015) meetings.

3. Election of General Secretary

Dr. Ramji Singh’s name was proposed by Executive Committee and approved by General body. Thus Dr Ramji Singh is declared elected unanimously as General Secretary of APPI, for the year 2017-2019.

4. Election of Editor Physiology

Dr. KarunaDatta proposed the name of Prof NeelamVaney of UCMS, Delhi, for editor physiology, as no other proposal is received, Dr.NeelamVaney is declared elected unanimously as Editor Physiology of IJPP.

5. Report by General Secretary:-

Gp Capt (Dr.) DK Dubey (Gen Sec APPI) presented APPICON 2015 and approved by General body. The report was accepted by the General body.

6. APPICON 2016 – Awards & Orations

Gp Capt (Dr.) DK Dubey (Gen Sec APPI) announced the name of awardees of APPICON 2016

7. Report by finance secretary

Dr. HN Mallick (finance secretary) presented the finance report for 2015-2016. The copies of the report were circulated to members and was accepted by the General body. The members were very happy with improved financial status of Association and praised the dedicated efforts of finance secretary.

8. Report by Executive Editor

As the Executive Editor was unable to attend the meeting, his report was tabled and presented by the Editor, Pharmacology Dr T Velpandian. The report was accepted by the General body.

9. Report by Physiology Editor

Dr. S Sircar presented the report and GB approved it.DrSircar thanked all the members for support as he successfully completed his term of three years as Editor, Physiology.

10. Report by Pharmacology Editor

Dr. T Velpandian presented report and GB approved it.

11. Award and orations criteria reviewed

The report of the committee for review on rules and regulations for the various awards were presented by General Secretary. Suggestions were invited from general body for amendment in rules and regulations for awards. It is decided that it is not mandatory for organizing secretary of APPICON to give TA/DA to awardees; all awardees should be present to receive the award.

Only those members who are life membership of APPI will be eligible to apply for any award except R Srinivasan prize and Harish Gupta Prize. UGs can have annual membership even one day before APPICON.

For R Srinivasan and Harish Gupta Prizes, no financial assistance will be provided by APPI and registration for conference is a must. However, it may be waved off by organizing committee of the APPICON if they have finances with them.

Selection criteria are approved by General body.

12. Credit points on APPICON.

It is suggested and accepted by GB to get credit points for all academic activities from the state Medical Council and the credit points should be mentioned in the certificates of all participants with reference.

13. News letter front page photograph

GB sought suggestionsfrom young members of APPI for design of the cover page of APPI newsletters.

14. Next APPICON 2017 / 2018 venue approval

The application for APPICON should be received by executive committee one year at least in advance.

JIPMER, Puduchery is approved for organizing next APPICON 2017 by GBM. A presentation to this effect was made by the JIPMER team. Dr Vivek Sharma, Addl Professor, Physiology will be the Organising Secretary and Dr G Gaur, Prof & Head, Physiology will be the Organising Chairman.

For 2018 Dr A K Pandey confirmed the APPICON to be organized at ESI Medical College Faridabad.

15. Fixed date for submission of application – Awards & Orations

With the approval of GB the last date of application for various APPI awards is fixed as 31 August of every year. This will ensure timely processing and declaration of awards.

16. Fixed date for APPICON

After long discussion it was approved that fixed dates of APPICON should be Friday, Saturday and Sunday of November’s last week.

17. Fresh Life Members

Dr. HN Mallick (Finance secretary), permitted by chair to admit all applicant those applied for life membership as Life Members of APPI. The GB approved the same.

18. Fake Subscriptions

GB authorized the Office bearers to handle fake subscription issues. (Journal subscription associated with Life Membership).

19. Vacancy / Job information’s to all physiologist by news letter / APPI website. It was suggested by members that faculty openings various medical colleges of India may intimated through the News Letter. It accepted and if such information is shared by the desiring college, it will be published in the news letter.
20. Expert map of India (APPI members)
21. APPI Fellow ship –

Two Fellows per year of APPI – one expert committee of three professors nominated by Executive Body, will decide the criteria of fellow of APPI and report will give in six months to general secretary.

22. Permanent APPICON & GS website. It is suggested by the members to have a page on the current website or a separate website may be created to show the APPICON activity and General Secretary/ Office activity regularly. All notices, circulars, news letters etc. may be posted there. The GB suggested that Executive Body should look into the possibility of this.
23. The GS on behalf of Office bearers and GB thanked the Organizing Team and the Organizing Secretary of APPICON 2016 for successful organization of conference at Patna after a gap of 50 years.
24. The meeting ended with Vote of Thanks to the chair.